The industrial sector of wind turbines has experienced a strong industrial and supply development, Spain is the third country in Europe in wind turbine manufacturing, which has led to a high demand for spare and replacement materials for wind turbines and wind components.

Due to their large size, the manufacture of wind turbines must be carried out in parts, assembling all their mechanisms in a wind farm.

At E-Trading we have parts and spare parts for the different parts that make up a wind turbine:

Recambios industriales para generadores eólicos

Industrial wind power equipment 

Wind turbine rotor and hub: These have three blades and a hub that connects the blades to the hub. The hub is responsible for supporting the blades and allowing them to rotate in relation to the rest of the turbine body. The rotor is the rotating part of the turbine.

Wind turbine nacelle: This houses the components on top of the turbine. The nacelle of a wind turbine is an electromechanical system with various precisely functioning components that convert the rotation of the rotor into electrical energy.

Wind energy generator: This component is responsible for converting the energy generated by the wind in the rotor into electrical energy. It has the same distribution as the electric motor.

Industrial spare parts for the wind energy industry