At E-Trading, we also have different products used throughout the different industrial processes, materials such as lubricants, adhesives and other auxiliary products.

Recambios industriales

Other products for industry

  • Adhesives: Outlet catalogue of adhesives and sealants for industrial use for different materials.
  • Sensors: Industrial outlets of sensors for use in industrial process automation, digital temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, etc.
  • Movement loads: Outlet material in liquidation for moving loads, dumpers, jacks, cranes and hydraulic tables.
  • Lubricants: Special lubricants, greases and oils for industrial machinery.
  • Brakes: Liquidation of components and spare parts for brakes, discs, drums, hoses and maintenance products.
  • Boilermaking: Stocks and remnants of series of boilermaking material, metal structures and machined parts for different industrial applications.
Other industrial materials